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20223 Elfin Forest Road
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The boundary Map to the right shows the limits of the Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove communities.

The Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Town Council amended its boundaries in 2009 to reflect the changes in the community. The Town Council boundaries were originally described as the same as CSA107, which are the boundaries of the Fire District. As more of the former open space in Elfin Forest becomes built and residents want a voice in the Town Council, this created areas of “no man’s land” where residents found themselves neither within the boundaries of adjacent municipalities, yet not within the Fire Department boundary, as defined by CSA107, and therefore without representation.

The Harmony Grove boundary was modified in 2004 by change of bylaws to annex parcels whose owners
petitioned to join the Town Council.

The Elfin Forest modifications now extend our Western boundary to meet the City of Encinitas, and our Southern boundary to the Escondido Creek, the historical dividing line between Elfin Forest and Rancho Santa Fe.

Map Approved by Members of Town Council in an amendment to the bylaws in February 2009

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