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road signsIn the winter of 2005, the Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove (EFHG) Town Council appointed a committee to develop a community survey. The intent of this survey was to obtain demographic and attitudinal data in order for the EF/HG Town Council to better serve the community when confronting prospective developers, county officials and others.

The last time a community survey was fielded was 2002. Only Elfin Forest residents were surveyed at that time. The 2005 survey was sent to all homes in both Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove. The report linked below highlights the perceptions of both communities, distinguishes where the two communities differ, and provides a small analysis on community involvement highlighting the differences between Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove and between relative newcomers (those who have lived in the community for 10 years or less) and the more seasoned residents (those who have lived in the community for 11 years or more).

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