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20223 Elfin Forest Road
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The Block Captains are a community volunteer group that operates under the aegis of the Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Fire Department and the County. We exist to provide, to the best of our ability, notice of emergency situations by phone.

It is your responsibility as a new resident, to provide your block captain with your phone numbers, as well as family members, pets, etc. It should be understood that residents of Elfin Forest are first and foremost, responsible for the safety of themselves, their families and their property.

The name of your respective block captain is available from the head block captain, Peggy Petitmermetatat at: (760) 744-0649.

Please be responsible and clean up your property. Cut and clear roadways along your property, overhanging trees, dry vegetation, etc. This will allow firefighters access, and you a safe passage in case of an evacuation. What you do not only affects your property but also the homes around you. This can make the difference in saving your home and your neighbor's. For additional tips on getting prepared for an emergeny, please see article from the Fire Department.

Remember, block captain function is a courtesy to the community. Make sure your Block Captain has your most current information, especially your cell number; this is your responsibility. You must rely on yourself and your good judgment in case of an emergency.

We were very lucky in the recent fires. Let's get organized and look out for one another.


Please do NOT contact your block captain for anything other than making sure they have your most recent contact information. They are operating as volunteers as a resource for the Fire Department in case of emergency only, and should not be called for general questions.

See list of Board members under “Contact Us” if you’d like to contact someone in the community about general questions not answered on this site. When in doubt, email:

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