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Current proposed name by developer: Harmony Grove Village South.

The Harmony Grove Meadow property consists of 111 acres located on the South side of Harmony Grove Road and Country Club Drive. Though this property was originally zoned for 26 homes due to slopes and other environmental constraints, the land owner was successful in getting a 680% increase in density over the current entitlements through the General Plan Update process.

The letters submitted by the Town Council Board can be found under “Official Correspondence”.

Since then another developer (Kovach Group) is trying to get a General Plan Amendment for 465 homes, some of them multifamily. The project is in the early stages and the Town Council is leading a vigorous effort to make sure the County lives up to its commitment to preserve the rural environment outside of the Harmony Grove Village limit line.

For updates or to get involved, you can contact the chair of the Harmony Grove Meadow Committee or check the county website


The Valiano project by Integral Communities is located mostly in Eden Valley with 48 acres in Harmony Grove, north of Harmony Grove Village off Country Club Drive. The property consists of 236 acres nestled between Coronado Hills and Eden Valley, and only accessible via private roads from Country Club Drive. The current General Plan authorizes 118 units, and the developer is asking for 326, including condos, in the middle of an area zoned 1 and 2 acres minimum.

The project status can be viewed on the county website and the letters submitted by the Town Council and the community are located at

The letter submitted by the Town Council Board can be found under: “Official Correspondence”.

Next step will be a Recirculated Environmental Impact Report expected out for review in early Fall 2016.

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