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20223 Elfin Forest Road
Elfin Forest, CA, 92029


DO's and DON’Ts

Elfin Forest is a rural community:

We are passionate about keeping it this way. We ask new residents and guests to respect this and follow some simple rules, which we have summarized in our Do’s and Don’ts.


Please get involved and volunteer in the community.

Please pass animals and children with care.

Please respect your environment by properly disposing of manure and keeping your dogs on the leash when hiking through protected open space.

Please learn about Fire Preparedness and find your block captains.



LIVESTOCK: Many residents raise, train and keep large animals. Please stay out of other people’s pastures and do not approach or feed livestock without the owner’s permission.

GUNS: NO shooting is allowed on private properties in Elfin Forest.

TRESPASSING: Unfenced land is still private land. Please respect private property and ask the owner's permission if you want to use their property. Never pick fruit from other’s trees even if they are unfenced.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Elfin Forest has a “Dark Nighttime Sky Policy”. we value our dark nighttime sky and want to maintain it. We encourage all residential dwellings to preserve the dark sky by instituting an external lighting “lights-out” program after 10pm. In addition we require that any exterior lighting be directed downward to reduce scattered light. Enjoy the dark, crisp, star filled sky. You can find more technical details on fixtures at:

TRAIL ACCESS and RIGHT of WAY: Trails may pass across or near your property and probably have been used for generations. Before fencing of blocking any trail on your land, please get in touch with the Town Council’s Trails Committee. San Diego County offers legal indemnification for dedicated trail easements.

open-field Trails are only to be used for hiking, horseback riding or mountainbiking. Any type of motorized vehicles such as ATV’s or Motorcycles are strictly prohibited on Elfin Forest’s trails.

DUMPING: Please do not dump your trash in our backyards, or off our dirt roads. Call the sheriff, take a photo and note the license plate if you witness dumping.


Please don’t speed through our community and on our private roads.

Please don’t’ waste water.

Please do not set off any kind of fireworks.

Please do not throw away your cigarette butts (WE LIVE IN A HIGHLY FIRE ENDANGERED AREA).

Please do not cut fences or leave other’s gates open.

Please do not grow poisonous plants along property and fence lines.

Please do not post any kind of advertising or other signs within our community.

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