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Click here for the Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Community Plan.

Community and subregional plans, adopted as an integral parts of the County of San Diego’s General Plan, are policy plans specifically created to address the issues, characteristics, and visions of communities within the County. These communities each have a distinct physical setting with a unique history, culture, character, life style, and identity.

This community plan was developed with input from over sixty community reviewers over a period of two years. we are very proud to be the only sub-community (as opposed to Planning Area) listed under the General Plan, and much of the credit for this effort goes to Melanie Fallon, a former city planner and former Board Chair.

Used in conjunction with the General Plan, a community or subregional plan (Plan) is a key tool for the public, community planning/sponsor groups, county staff and decision makers to identify the existing conditions and development that positively contribute to its character and should be conserved, as well as the location, scale, and design of desired new land uses, and community facilities.

The Plan’s policies require that development be comparable to, or transition with, existing development to ensure that new development “fits” with the community and enhances the community’s vision.

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